Heath Lympaney

Heath Lympaney


My Books Updated 7 months ago

I am reading a web of books that all related. I want to work out the path I have taken to all these books and try and map it.

Banking System Updated 10 months ago

Deposits, Loans, and Investments

Underpopulation Updated 12 months ago

Causal loop exploring the idea of underpopulation

QLD Elections 2017 Updated over 2 years ago

Trying to map policy information

Housing Bubbles Updated almost 3 years ago

I want to understand the dynamics of housing bubbles

Impact of Local Renewable Energy Production Updated over 3 years ago

I am intrigued by political assertions that an increase in renewable energy makes overall energy supply more expensive. This map is my attempt to think through that assertion.

Antibiotics Updated over 3 years ago


Draft Updated over 3 years ago

Welcome Letters Updated over 3 years ago

Trade Flow Updated over 4 years ago

Document the trade flow system

How Money is Created Updated almost 5 years ago

How the banking system creates money

Basic Income Updated almost 5 years ago

Attempt to understand how a basic income would work and be funded and what the implications might be.

Job Market Updated almost 5 years ago

I was involved in a Meetup Group that aimed to discuss the impact of innovation on jobs and what that means.

GAA Updated 5 years ago

Improving feedback to build more trust in a system

Dummy Project Updated 5 years ago

Consulting Updated 5 years ago

Presentations by hlympaney

What happens when we start producing our own energy? published Feb 25, 2017

Antibiotics published Jan 21, 2017