Heath Lympaney

Heath Lympaney


My Books Updated 11 months ago

I am reading a web of books that all related. I want to work out the path I have taken to all these books and try and map it.

Banking System Updated 1 year ago

Deposits, Loans, and Investments

Underpopulation Updated over 1 year ago

Causal loop exploring the idea of underpopulation

QLD Elections 2017 Updated almost 3 years ago

Trying to map policy information

Housing Bubbles Updated 3 years ago

I want to understand the dynamics of housing bubbles

Impact of Local Renewable Energy Production Updated over 3 years ago

I am intrigued by political assertions that an increase in renewable energy makes overall energy supply more expensive. This map is my attempt to think through that assertion.

Antibiotics Updated over 3 years ago


Draft Updated almost 4 years ago

Welcome Letters Updated almost 4 years ago

Trade Flow Updated almost 5 years ago

Document the trade flow system

How Money is Created Updated 5 years ago

How the banking system creates money

Basic Income Updated over 5 years ago

Attempt to understand how a basic income would work and be funded and what the implications might be.

Job Market Updated over 5 years ago

I was involved in a Meetup Group that aimed to discuss the impact of innovation on jobs and what that means.

GAA Updated over 5 years ago

Improving feedback to build more trust in a system

Dummy Project Updated over 5 years ago

Consulting Updated over 5 years ago

Presentations by hlympaney

What happens when we start producing our own energy? published Feb 25, 2017

Antibiotics published Jan 21, 2017