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Duckfeet Canada


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Duckfeet Canada is a footwear brand created by two friends with a long history of shoemaking. For decades, they worked at factories where they honed their craft, learning that good shoes - like good friends - are worth the wait. We've taken those lessons and applied them to our latest line of Mary Janes. Shop Mary Jane Shoes>>

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Duckfeet Are For Everyday, For Everyone, And For Everywhere The Weichmann couple created Duckfeet in Denmark in 1975. Duckfeet is still a tiny, family-run business, concentrating on the same objectives as when it was founded: to create a simply designed shoe using only the best materials, with the environment in mind. Duckfeet has expanded significantly since then, with distributors in Europe, Asia, Australia, and North America.

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Duckfeet Canada is where comfort meets fashion. From our popular duck booties to casual Men & Womens Duck Booties and Flat Shoes, we have it all.

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Duckfeet Canada is the single largest manufacturer of authentic Duckboot footwear

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Shop Mary Janes Shoes online for premium quality leather footwear from Duckfeet Canada. Functional, comfortable, and timeless; made in small batches slowly by hand. Shop now at>>

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Looking for boots with style and comfort? Duckling boots are here to help! We offer the best quality in the market at unbeatable prices. Shop now and get free shipping on orders over $150.

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