Better Deliberative and Participatory Democratic Community Based Governance through Systems Thinking Updated 17 hours ago

This model seeks to demonstrate how systems thinking might be incorporated into a process of deliberative and participatory governance of a community using a community based Virtual Systemic Inquiry methodology.

Perspectives of Systems Thinking World (Forked) Updated 1 day ago

Surfaces noteworthy relationships and their implications, to provoke thought, foster deeper understanding, create insights, and enable more effective action.

Complexity Assailing Our Communities Updated 1 day ago

Complexity is assailing our communities, the trouble is that it is insidious

Living Cities Collective Impact Updated 11 days ago

This is a Kumu mapping of Living Cities Collective Impact free e-course. The recent surge of interest and resources around collective impact principles has highlighted an important concern and challenge for many practitioners: Where does the community fit in? Living Cities has constructed an e-learning course to equip those involved in collective impact initiatives with tools for including and working with community members.

Deliberation and Democracy Updated 26 days ago

A Kumu mapping of the article Deliberation, Democracy and the Systemic Turn co-authored by David Owen and Graham Smith and uploaded to

12 Monkeys Timeline Updated 3 months ago

+Acumen Systems Practice Workspace Updated 3 months ago

A collection of maps to help those taking the +Acumen Systems Practice course get started.

How Can We Reduce Costs and Still Get the Care We Need? Updated 9 months ago

How Can We Reduce Costs and Still Get the Care We Need?

CGA Climate Change Forum Updated 12 months ago

NIFI Action H Updated over 1 year ago

Food Systems Updated almost 2 years ago

Doctor Who Big Bang 2 Updated 2 years ago

Limits on Accumulation of Wealth Updated over 2 years ago

The basis of government Updated over 2 years ago

Our need to delegate part of our responsibility for our development and for the functioning of the collectivities we live in. Denis Pageau

Online Interactions Updated over 2 years ago

Disruptive Innovation Updated over 2 years ago

Experimental maps on Disruptive Innovation

Systems Thinking and Pattern Thinking Updated over 2 years ago

Examination of the relationship between Systems Thinking and Christopher Alexander's Pattern Thinking