Food Systems Updated 16 days ago

How Can We Reduce Costs and Still Get the Care We Need? Updated 22 days ago

How Can We Reduce Costs and Still Get the Care We Need?

+Acumen Systems Practice Workspace Updated 22 days ago

A collection of maps to help those taking the +Acumen Systems Practice course get started.

Living Cities Collective Impact Updated 22 days ago

This is a Kumu mapping of Living Cities Collective Impact free e-course. The recent surge of interest and resources around collective impact principles has highlighted an important concern and challenge for many practitioners: Where does the community fit in? Living Cities has constructed an e-learning course to equip those involved in collective impact initiatives with tools for including and working with community members.

Better Deliberative and Participatory Democratic Community Based Governance through Systems Thinking Updated 22 days ago

This model seeks to demonstrate how systems thinking might be incorporated into a process of deliberative and participatory governance of a community using a community based Virtual Systemic Inquiry methodology.

Complexity Assailing Our Communities Updated 22 days ago

Complexity is assailing our communities, the trouble is that it is insidious

Systems Archetypes Forked from SystemsWiki Updated 2 months ago

Present the definition and utility of an archetypes as well as what the archetypes are.

Perspectives of Systems Thinking World (Forked) Updated 4 months ago

Surfaces noteworthy relationships and their implications, to provoke thought, foster deeper understanding, create insights, and enable more effective action.

12 Monkeys Timeline Updated 7 months ago

CGA Climate Change Forum Updated over 1 year ago

NIFI Action H Updated almost 2 years ago

Doctor Who Big Bang 2 Updated over 2 years ago

Limits on Accumulation of Wealth Updated almost 3 years ago

The basis of government Updated almost 3 years ago

Our need to delegate part of our responsibility for our development and for the functioning of the collectivities we live in. Denis Pageau

Online Interactions Updated almost 3 years ago

Disruptive Innovation Updated almost 3 years ago

Experimental maps on Disruptive Innovation

Systems Thinking and Pattern Thinking Updated 3 years ago

Examination of the relationship between Systems Thinking and Christopher Alexander's Pattern Thinking