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Perspectives Updated 3 days ago

Surfaces noteworthy relationships and their implications, to provoke thought, foster deeper understanding, create insights, and enable more effective action.

Market Diffusion Updated 11 days ago

The basic structure of this insight applies across industry boundaries--whether consumer or industrial, products or services.

Farmers Markets Updated 13 days ago

A way that starting farmers markets may backfire

Examples Updated 15 days ago

Small collection of example maps

Connections Updated 28 days ago

The network of connections made on an ongoing basis.

Archetypes Updated 28 days ago

Present the definition and utility of an archetypes as well as what the archetypes are.

Accounts Receivable Updated 1 month ago

Experiences of a company trying to manage their average accounts receivable period to an acceptable level.

ltg-arch Updated 1 month ago

Limits to Growth Archetypes

The Infamous Bathtub Updated 1 month ago

A description of the dynamics of the bathtub model and why most people don't understand dynamics.

Encouraging the Opposition Updated 1 month ago

An example of how the most obvious answers to diminish protests just makes matters worse.

Circular Economy Updated 2 months ago

Circular Economy Model

Credit Never Happened Updated 2 months ago

Given a performance gap this model investigates the implications of working harder or working smarter.

ftf-arch Updated 2 months ago

Fixes that Fail Archetype

gswd-arch Updated 2 months ago

Goal Seeking with Delay Archetype

stb-arch Updated 2 months ago

Shifting the Burden Archetype

gsbl-arch Updated 2 months ago

Surfaces the structure and behavior of the Goal Seeking archetype.

Why Nations Fail Updated 2 months ago

Investigation of the relationships responsible for the failure of nations.

egrl-arch Updated 2 months ago

Surfaces the structure and behavior of the Exponential Growth Archetype

Politics Stupid Updated 2 months ago

An elaboration of the model from Ezar Klein's "Why Politics Makes Us Stupid" article.

Sustainable Capitalism Updated 2 months ago

This model investigates the influences which currently work in opposition to sustainable capitalism. The model then presents a view that might actually promote sustainable capitalism.

Revolution in the Making Updated 2 months ago

How to spot a revolution in the making from a Ben Franklin correspondence.

Road Congestion Updated 2 months ago

The typical response to road congestion in time simply makes matters worse.

Teacher Cheating Updated 2 months ago

Teacher cheating on standardized tests is a recurring theme in recent national headlines, ranging from teachers looking at tests in advance to develop study guides, to teachers and administrators erasing and correcting student answers after they have submitted tests. The media and the school communities have responded to these stories with shock and out-rage, often vilifying individual teachers and administrators.

Homelessness Updated 2 months ago

In this piece, we explore the counter intuitive nature of systems where the best of intentions to address the homelessness situation using the most expedient approach is likely to make things even worse.

Perpetuating Tension Updated 2 months ago

How we address symptoms and avoid real lasting solutions.

Economy Money Flows Updated 2 months ago

Economic Sector Model

Science of Inequality Updated 2 months ago

The evolution of a model started by Geoff McDonnell based on the May 2014 special issue of Science.

evc Updated 2 months ago

The Enabling Virtual Collaboration (EVC) Project is a collaborative endeavor to figure out how to curate virtual collaboration endeavors. That is, undertaking to develop a systemic understanding of complex situations and evolve strategies for improving the situation with a high likelihood of avoiding unintended consequences, and doing this with a group of collaborators who are geographically distributed and only able to contribute asynchronously on a periodic basis.

Creating Insights Updated 2 months ago

How the development of a relationship model promotes understanding and insights as a basis for more effective action dealing with a situation.

Perspectives Template Updated 2 months ago

swim Updated 2 months ago

Simulation with Insight Maker

stwk Updated 2 months ago

Storytelling with Kumu

not rich Updated 2 months ago

Investigation into why we're not all rich

We Have A Problem Updated 2 months ago

Seldom is the problem where it appears to be. Investigating the relationships that I never thought about that got me to this predicament.

vossov Updated 2 months ago

Are we victims of the system or are we just dealing with systems of the victim.

cst Updated 2 months ago

The Certified Systems Thinker Program presents what is considered the absolute essential understanding and skills necessary to develop a systemic perspective for situations of interest. This Systemic Perspective provides a basis for deeper understanding, insights and more effective action. The intent is to enable one to be more effective dealing with situations, while reducing the likelihood of creating unintended consequences making matters worse, or creating new problems in the process.

larger system Updated 2 months ago

Implications of interactions with a larger system that might initially be considered.

AND? Updated 2 months ago

The Essence of AND?

Google Strategy Updated 2 months ago

A relationship model which is considered to be at the center of Google's business strategy. Admittedly this is only a perspective as I've not seen it published.

Cry Wolf Updated 2 months ago

Aesop's Fable The Boy Who Cried Wolf as an unfolding set of relationships and their implications.

Tax Revenue Pressure Updated 2 months ago

Unexpected implications of acting to respond to tax revenue pressure

Postscript Updated 2 months ago

The insights arrived at when participants in the Certified Systems Thinker program asked how to sell systems thinking to their organization.

stwim Updated 2 months ago

Storytelling with Insight Maker

Quest for Water Updated 2 months ago

The relentless pursuit of having less.

Project Systems Updated 2 months ago

Project Systems: Distinguishing Fact From Fantasy

Project Challenge Updated 2 months ago

Given a situation where the expected completion data for a project is later than the prescribed deadline what are the options available for the project to get it back on track.

Poverty by Design Updated 2 months ago

An investigation into the ways we create context that creates poverty. This is also intended to be an example of how the content of articles actually have a systemic structure which may be expressed as one or more stories in relationship models.

Open Money Updated 2 months ago

Oil System Model Updated 2 months ago

Oil System Model from James Breaus

time mgmt Updated 2 months ago

Investigation the extent to which time management actually helps us deal with our lack of time available.

lta-arch Updated 2 months ago

More often than not we set out to accomplish some goal and it ends up taking far longer than we thought it would. The most common reason for this is that we've misunderstood the effect one or more limits have on the action taken to attain the goal. This is representative of the Limits to Action Archetype.

Causal Relationships Updated 2 months ago

A parallel to the Casual Relationships model in Insight Maker.

Jungle Updated 2 months ago

Why is it that changes often return to the way they were before you stopped working on them. Why the jungle always seems to win!

Assault on Overtime Updated 2 months ago

It's one reason we're poorer than our parents.

Boy Who Cried Wolf Updated 4 months ago

An informative version of The Boy Who Cried Wolf with Storytelling created specifically for the Storytelling with Kumu course.

Kumu Splash Updated 5 months ago

This is just a small project to hold all the presentation splash pages that don't really go with Kumu presentations.

khelp Updated 5 months ago

Kumu Help intended to enable one to find that tidbit of information that demonstrates how to do what they want to do when they want to do it.

Insight Maker Updated 5 months ago

Insight Maker User's Guide

Intent Updated 6 months ago

Level of Documentation Depends on Intent

Boy Who Cried Wolf Lite Updated 6 months ago

A not so informative version of The Boy Who Cried Wolf created specifically for the Storytelling with Kumu course.

dg-arch Updated 7 months ago

More often than not we set out to accomplish some goal and it ends up taking far longer than we thought it would. The most common reason for this is that we've misunderstood the effect one or more limits have on the action taken to attain the goal. This is representative of the Limits to Action Archetype.

Kumu Environment Updated 7 months ago

An overview of the structure of the Kumu environment with additional maps as appropriate to explain concepts covered along the way.

esc-arch Updated 8 months ago

Escalation Archetype

totc-arch Updated 8 months ago

Tragedy of the Commons Archetype

ind-arch Updated 8 months ago

Indecision Archtype

stts-arch Updated 8 months ago

Success to the Successful Archetype

ap-arch Updated 8 months ago

Attractiveness Principle Archetype

add-arch Updated 8 months ago

Addiction Archetype

aa-arch Updated 8 months ago

Accidental Adversaries Archetype

gauwds-arch Updated 8 months ago

Growth and Underinvestment with a Drifting Standard Archetype

gau-arch Updated 8 months ago

Growth and Underinvestment Archetype

World Problems Updated 8 months ago

Interconnectedness of World Problems. Our future in a nutshell?

Oil Prices Updated 8 months ago

An investigation into influences driving the changes in oil prices the beginning of 2016.

Diagram SG Updated 9 months ago


Diagram PM Updated 9 months ago

Polarity Map Diagram

Diagram FL Updated 9 months ago

Flying Logic Diagrams

Systems Thinking World Updated 9 months ago

A short history of the relentless pursuit of an approach to shared understanding.

Goals Updated 10 months ago

The implications associated with setting goals which makes the activity self-limiting.

Diagram RM Updated 11 months ago

Relationship Map

Diagram RP Updated 11 months ago

Rich Picture Diagram.

Rewarding Limitations Updated 1 year ago

An example of how developing an expertise is shifted to presales support.

Perpetuating Poverty Updated 1 year ago

Often actions taken to reduce poverty do just opposite, making matters even worse.

Reversing Desertification Updated 1 year ago

How to green the world's deserts and reverse climate change

Online Learning Community Updated over 1 year ago

Investigation into what enables a successful online learning community. This project is the focal point for the synthesizing multiple conversations on this topic underway in multiple locations.

Identity Protective Cognition Updated over 1 year ago

This relationship model was developed to sort out what was presented in the Ezra Klein paper titled How Politics Makes Us Stupid.

Diagram VNA Updated over 1 year ago

Value Network Analysis Project

Diagram DM Updated over 1 year ago

Dialogue Map

Diagram MM Updated over 1 year ago

Mind Map

Diagram HY Updated over 1 year ago

RP/CLD Hybrid

Kumu Causal Loops Updated almost 2 years ago

How to create causal loops in Kumu

My First Map Updated almost 2 years ago

Learning about Kumu Mapping

Diagram CLD Updated almost 2 years ago

Causal Loop Diagram

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